Learn About Our Facilities

In September 2019, Wild Horse Rescue Center relocated to a 42 acre property. The new location for the Center is right located in Webster, Fl and has a big barn and plenty of green pastures for the horses. There is a big house for our international volunteers from all over the world to use. We are continually working on improving the property with more fencing, an arena to ride in and more, all to accommodate our animals as best as possible.

Barn Area
The barn has 8 stalls, 6 wild horse pens and two lofts that allows for expansion in the future.
Sanctuary Pastures
The horses can enjoy a lot of space, and they love to take baths in the big pond.
Learning And History Center
Our newly built learning and history center highlights some of the unique and historical details of the mustang.
How You Can Help
We are a non-profit rescue and rehabilitation center, we rely on volunteers, sponsorships, donations and adoptions to provide care for our wonderful mustang rescues. Find out how you can help below:
Sponsor a Mustang for as little as $5. Donations are welcomed and will provide a safe and healthy life for our horses.
Volunteer today to learn the ins and outs of caring for horses, maintaining facilities and developing a new understanding of these majestic animals! 
Adopting a mustang and giving him or her a loving home is one of the best ways you can help. Please contact us for more details! 
Diane Delano  
Owner: Wild Horse Rescue Center 
Address: 12103 SE 47th Dr, Webster, FL 33597 
Email: Diane@wildhorserescuecenter.org 
Phone: (321) 427-1523