How you can help
Founded by Diane Delano in 2000, Wild Horse Rescue Center (WHRC) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to the welfare, rescue, and preservation of America’s wild horses – the mustangs.  WHRC receives mustangs who have been taken from the wild and have ended up in neglectful or abusive situations.  WHRC rehabilitates these wild horses so they have the chance to get adopted into good homes and have a dignified life after being taken from the wild.
The history of mustangs in America and why it matters:
Mustangs were introduced to the United States as domestic horses in the early 1500s by the Spaniards.  These horses later formed a large wild population and came to play a critical role in the building of America.  The U.S. is virtually built on their backs.  Now, when they are no longer needed for labor and transport, they are sadly being mistreated and exploited at the hands of man.  In the early 1900s, the wild mustang population was estimated to be over 2 million.  Today, there are only 40,000 left in the wild and about as many in captivity in need of rescue.  Caring for a wild horse is drastically different than caring for a tame one.  Sadly, this often leads to mistreatment and neglect of wild mustangs in captivity.
What we do:

When we rescue horses from abusive and neglectful environments, they are often at the brink of death.  The goal is to nurse them back to health and tame and train them so they have a chance to be adopted into a loving home.  The majority of them can indeed be tamed, trained, and adopted while others cannot.  Diane, the founder of WHRC, refers to these horses as “wild at heart” and says she “will never force them to work with her and be tame if they don’t want to”.  These wild horses live out their days at the center because their chances of being adopted are minimal. 

We strive to create greater awareness and understanding of the wild mustang.  We offer mentoring for mustang owners, hold workshops on care and gentling of mustangs, give educational seminars on mustangs in American History, and bring mustangs to wildlife festivals and other community events.

How YOU can help:
As a rescue, we always rely on donations.

Basic medical care and food for a horse without special needs is about $1,700 annually. Our rescued mustangs often require extensive medical care during their first year of recovery at WHRC. Therefore, our mustangs incur on average a cost of almost $3,000 per year. We have around 50 horses to care for so their basic care for one year is close to $150,000.

WHRC is completely dependent on donations from the public and all donations are fully tax deductible. Upon making a donation you will receive a tax deductible form for your records.

How You Can Help
We are a non-profit rescue and rehabilitation center, we rely on volunteers, sponsorships, donations and adoptions to provide care for our wonderful mustang rescues. Find out how you can help below:
Sponsor a Mustang for as little as $5. Donations are welcomed and will provide a safe and healthy life for our horses.
Volunteer today to learn the ins and outs of caring for horses, maintaining facilities and developing a new understanding of these majestic animals! 
Adopting a mustang and giving him or her a loving home is one of the best ways you can help. Please contact us for more details! 
Diane Delano  
Owner: Wild Horse Rescue Center 
Address: 12103 SE 47th Dr, Webster, FL 33597 
Phone: (321) 427-1523