Dedicated to the preservation of America's wild horses

We rescue, rehabilitate, and find new homes for mustangs and burros while providing educational clinics and seminars to the public. We are based in Webster, Florida. We are a non-profit rescue and rehabilitation center, and we rely on volunteers, sponsorships, donations, and adoptions to provide care for our wonderful mustang rescues.

What We Do:

We Rescue

We rescue mustangs and burros from all over the United States. These animals have often been neglected or abused, and we provide a safe and healthy rehab environment.

We Rehabilitate

We give our rescues around the clock care and love, which helps with rebuilding trust and behavior.

We Provide Adoption

Our mustangs and burros are ready for adoption, contact us today for details.

How Can I Help?


WHRC couldn't survive without the outpouring of support from local and international visitors and volunteers. Contact us today to find out how anyone can contribute to our American heritage.


Donations and contributions ensure we are able to provide the greatest value of life to our rescued animals. The first step to recovery is happiness!


Lend a helping hand while learning so much about our amazing mustang rescues and horses in general.
Anyone can volunteer regardless of skill or background. Click below to learn more and sign up!

Double "D" Trailers
WHRC Sponsor

Since 1997, Double D Trailers has been producing quality horse trailers. Using the latest equipment and technology, our craftsmen can construct your new trailer to fit your specific needs and offer you low fixed rate financing incentives on all horse trailers.

Horse Rescue Trailer Donation and Sharing Program
Dozens of horse rescues across our country side are in desperate need of horse trailers. Learn more about our Trailer Donation and Sharing Program HERE. Find how how you can make a humongous difference in the lives of needy horses in your home county or state. Our sharing program operates much like a car-pool. Sign up with a specific rescue and have them contact you for use of your trailer in their times of need. Or, if you're feeling especially generous, donate your old and unused trailer to a local rescue. Learn more about this program and how to participate by clicking our logo.

Donate to WHRC with every Amazon purchase!

Support WHRC with all of your Amazon purchases through Smilematic, which is a free Chrome extension that will automatically turn your everyday Amazon purchases into AmazonSmile donations.

Calling All Volunteers!

Volunteers are important to our rescue center – providing much needed help and allowing us to properly care for our rescued Mustangs.

Donate To WHRC Today!

As a rescue, we always rely on donations. Any kind of tribute, small or large, helps our animals. 

Wild Horse Rescue Center

12103 SE 47th Dr, Webster, FL 33597


The Wild Horse Rescue Center (WHRC) is dedicated to the preservation of America's wild horses. Thank you for visiting!

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